Processing products only by hand for 77 years.


We have polished all quartz crystal etc. by hand using Japanese polishing technology inherited from long ago.


And by doing all manual work from stone splitting to product processing it will be possible to bring out  the original appeal and glow of natural stone to the maximum. 





Work Process

① Stone selection

Locate the scratches in the stone, and choose a clean stone.


② Break a stone

A machine is used to cut the stone into small pieces.


③ Shave stone

The stone is pressed against a rotating iron plate and shaved into a shape similar to the finished product.


④ Polish the stone

To make the stones shine, polish them by pressing them against a rotating wooden plate.






The history of crystal polishing in Yamanashi dates back to the late Edo period, when Yasuke, the head clerk of Tamaya, who came from Kyoto to purchase rough crystal mined at the foot of Mt.


Kinmine, which is the border between present-day Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures, brought it to the shrine of Kanazakura Shrine.


Yamanashi's crystal industry has developed by overcoming many hardships, starting with the company's employees teaching the method.








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